The Sir. John Hurt & Dunamse Barn.

The Dunamase Barn

The Dunamase barn is available to all guests that stay at Inch House including guest room only bookings.

The Barn hosts the Hot Tub, Table Tennis Table, BBQ, Fire pit, loungers and fire pit area. 

The Sir. Hurt Barn

The barn is only available to guests whom have booked the entire house or a house package stay. 

The  Barn Hosts many quirky events throughout the year. 

The Barn has a Karaoke Machine, un stocked bar area, Sound system, Smart Tv, Living room area, dining area etc...

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Take the time to relax and unwind in our barn entertainment spaces.

The Dunamase Barn:

How to use the Table Tennis Table:
Please remove the cover by sliding the cover upwards, use the turquoise tabs on the bottom (middle) of the table and press upwards until you see the tabs popping up on top.
Then make sure the clips click the table into place, and either side of the table is steady.
Bats & Balls provided on side of table.
Please do not have any drinks, plates or cigarettes on the table.
When it rains, place the cover back over the folded up table to prevent any water damages.

Outdoor Spa Hot tub Guidelines:
The tub is located in the small Dunamase Barn, beside the car park and Sir. Hurt events barn.

Hot tub is open for use from 09:00 - 22:00. First come, first Serve with a 40 Minutes time slot.
Guests under 18s, skin irritations, pregnant are not advised to use the tub.
Please do not bring your technology gadgets into the hot tub.
No guests that are intoxicated are allowed in the tub.

Turn the hot tub dial on, and press the swirly button to activate the jest and press twice to increase the jet power.
Please keep blue chlorine tub and keep tub at 38/40 degrees.

Put cover over when done fill with water if needed.
No Glass or Smoking/Vaping in tub. We do not accept any liability for any accident or injury in or near the tub.

Fire Pit Area:
Fire pit can be lit using the fire logs/briquettes and the lighting strip provided, simply just light up the strip.
Please use gloves when handling any firing wood or turf.
Please extinguish the fire when it will be no longer accompanied and before 23:00
(Please advise the host if ashes need to be taken away)
(If you need more logs, just ask)
Fire is fuelled and fired by IHI Team.

The Sir, John Hurt Barn:

This Barn Space has been designed for your group's entertainment and we do ask that you respect the history and nature of the barn and our hard working team .

Smoking/vaping is strictly forbidden and takes a minimum fine of €150 and live flame candles are not allowed.
Please do not do any activity that will cause danger to you or others.

The barn is available to IHI house guests only, all service/activity providers must have personal and public liability insurance to be working and providing a service or activity at IHI.

Heaters must be turned off when not in the barn.
Children must be supervised by a legal parent/guardian at all times.
Any decorations put up by guests, must be taken down before final departure.
After 01:00 the music/noise is to be turned off.

In the unlikely event of a fire please evacuate and gather at the main house gates.

In the event of emergency, please call the IHI number repeatedly, text "urgent" and if no response, call the emergency services.


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