Self Check-in / Check-out

If we have organised a self check in/out for you, PLEASE PRESS BUZZER at entrance on arrival.

After 22:00 or if there is no answer on buzzer use main gate passcode sent to you in a text/email/ message/ airbnb message.

Finding the lock boxes:
Drive down the drive way, to the second set of pillars and collect your keys from
The lock box (facing the road) with your room number on it.

You are in Room: x
Code: xxxx

Lock Box Instructions:
Pull the black flap down.
Dial in code using dials.
Then pull black button down and the flap will fall/pull down with keys inside (jumble after).

Then go to the main entrance which is through the brown door.

At the main door, hold the fob up to the black strip on the door to open, when in pull up handle to lock, (please remember to lock the door and bring your keys with you at all times).

Check out instructions:
11:00 - room check out.
Any extra charges will be charged to the card we have on file.
On final departure bring your put keys back in the lock box and jumble digits.