Careers at Inch House Ireland & The Sir. Hurt Barn

Inch House Ireland  is more than just a guest house and event venue. It is a spirited, trailblazing place where people come together and team members and guests strive to make the most out of work and life.

While providing memorable experiences for permanent residents, loyal guests and IHI newbies alike, we take pride – front and back of house – in always providing the best experience possible, inspiring our guests to always crave just that little bit more.

We’re known on a global level. Generations of icons have made Inch House their own. We are a magnet for people who love the good things in life –. It sets our benchmarks higher and keeps us reaching wider.

And while our professionalism is always assured, we also like to have fun while we’re at it. We believe in the power of our people to carve out new paths. We encourage, empower and enable.

At Inch House, we encourage all of our team members to introduce their own ideas, insights and innovations to their respective roles; we want you to embrace the trailblazing spirit we are renowned for.

We also support our team members in pro-actively bringing our brand principles to life on a daily basis. We place great emphasis on supporting and encouraging the professional ambitions of all our team members, as well as staying committed to providing a meaningful, inclusive and respectful workplace.

For those looking to find their feet in their chosen career, to those looking to progress to the top of their field, joining the visionary team at Inch House is always a positive career decision.

Now is the perfect time to take control of your future and take full advantage of the rare opportunities as the elevation of one of Ireland’s most iconic resorts gathers pace … join The Inch House Team today and let your ambition soar.

If you would like to submit a copy of your full CV to our management team please email [email protected]